How Eliana advanced her career with Achievable GRE

A short interview with Eliana about her journey, before and after the GRE.

As a part of our series highlighting Achievable users and their backgrounds, I had the pleasure of interviewing Eliana.

What was your background prior to taking the GRE?

I have been working for two years at criminal justice reform nonprofit, Recidiviz, as a User Experience (UX) researcher. Prior to joining Recidiviz, I worked in the US Senate, Google's venture capital arm, at multiple international nonprofits, and launched and exited my first startup. I graduated from Duke University in 2019 with a major in Behavioral Science and Design, exploring geopolitical design solutions in the Middle East.

What's your current role/focus now that you've finished the exam?

I took the GRE in order to apply to a dual degree MBA/MPP in order to enter the nonprofit management and impact investing space. My belief is that studying behavioral science and design were critical tools for approaching systems change, but business and policy are critical to implement these design tools in the real world.

What are your career or life goals?

I am hoping to empower the voices of the next generation of social entrepreneurs from all over the world by arming them with the tools and network to optimize their impact. I would rather create a sustainable means of supporting generations of changemakers than try to solve a singular problem myself. I also tend to love surrounding myself with individuals far more intelligent than I (especially, connecting them with one another), so I believe I would quite enjoy it.

What do you consider to be your greatest personal or professional achievement?

Getting my pilot's license was a major personal achievement. My late grandmother was a pilot, so carrying on her legacy two generations later was extremely significant for me. It made me feel closer to her and my larger family story in new and meaningful ways.

Any tips for future GRE takers?

Don't rush! Start early and slow. Abandon everything you thought you knew to be true about test taking. Do everything Orion says. Trust - he has this down to a science. (Going to sound crazy but) enjoy it! You probably haven't taken a standardized test in some time, and logic puzzles of it all will make you sharper in various axes of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

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