How Rushabh Shah advanced his career with Achievable GRE

A short interview with Rushabh about his journey, before and after the GRE.

As a part of our series highlighting Achievable users and their backgrounds, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rushabh Shah.

What was your background prior to taking the GRE?

Prior to taking the GRE, I worked for four years in investment banking and growth equity. I entered the industry after majoring in Business Administration and Economics at UC Berkeley, and have specialized in technology and tech-enabled services companies since.

What's your current role/focus now that you've finished the exam?

I took the exam with the intent of pivoting my career and becoming more tech-focused. Working at the intersection of tech & finance has made me realize the importance of technical knowledge, and so I would like to pursue an MS in CS. I feel that an understanding of the fundamentals of business / finance and Computer Science is a powerful combination for many types of roles or pursuits.

What are your career or life goals?

Ideally, I would like to begin my own company, but a lot obviously has to go right for that to happen. I've met a number of successful entrepreneurs over the past four years, and have been inspired by their challenging but rewarding journeys. Of course, I try to take a one-step-at-a-time approach, and the next step for me is to hopefully learn the skills to build my own products or lead a team of developers.

What do you consider to be your greatest personal or professional achievement?

A personal achievement I'm proud of is learning Portuguese in 4 months while I studied abroad in Brazil after college. I'm very passionate about languages and cultures, and so I jumped at the chance to study abroad in Brazil. By taking classes and living with an amazing host family, I was able to pick up the language very quickly and can still speak it to this day.

Any tips for future GRE takers?

The primary difficulty in taking the GRE is the mental exertion - the questions can be difficult, but it's really the essay section and the additional experimental section that can drain you out. I can't stress enough how much preparing in simulated conditions can help with this issue. For example, if you take a full-length PowerPrep test, try doing one or two more practice sections that same day to build endurance and account for the experimental section.

As far as resources go, Achievable's GRE exam prep course is excellent. The content is based on Orion Taraban's Stellar GRE course, and offers many of the same strategies for mastering the exam. The key is practice, practice, practice - and eventually you'll think just like the testmakers!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

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