Our Mission

Study with Achievable and pass your exam. Period.

Preparing for the Series 7 is tough: you have to study after hours while keeping up your day job, often at the expense of your free time on nights and weekends. Most test prep today doesn’t make this any easier on us. It doesn't fit our mobile lifestyles and busy schedules, or give us any insight into what we know or don't know as we’re studying. We built Achievable to solve these problems, and give our colleagues and peers a better way to study for the Series 7 and other FINRA exams.

Our mission is to improve test preparation through technology and great customer experience. Our method and applications leverage advancements in user experience and big data to build a better way.

We plan to expand to other tests as quickly as possible. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in using Achievable for other exams, or if you have any questions or comments about our Series 7 product. Please use the Contact page to give us a shout!

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