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Our mission

Study with Achievable and reach your target score. Period.

Test prep for today's students

Preparing for professional exams is tough; you have to study after hours while keeping up your day job, your school work, etc. - often at the expense of your free time on nights and weekends. Most exam prep today doesn't make this any easier on us. It doesn't fit our mobile lifestyles and busy schedules, or give us any insight into what we know or don't know as we're studying.

We built Achievable to solve these problems, and to give our colleagues and peers the best way to study for the most important exams of their careers.

A+ study experience

Our mission is to improve exam preparation through technology and great customer experience. Our method and applications leverage advancements in user experience and big data to build a better way.

We're always expanding our library of professional and graduate exams. We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in using Achievable for other exams, or if you have any questions or comments about our courses. Please use the Contact page to give us a shout!

Achievable's content experts
Matt Roy - Achievable GRE expert
Matt Roy

Our GRE content was written exclusively for Achievable by Matt Roy. Matt enjoys making the learning process both fun and accessible for any kind of learner, and has thousands of hours of GRE tutoring experience across a wide variety of students.

Matt personally studied for the GRE without internet connection in the Atlas Mountains. If that piques your interest, you're welcome to ask him how that went! He loves telling a good story. If you're interested in 1-on-1 tutoring, feel free to book a lesson with him directly.

Sujata Arecanteparamb - Achievable USMLE expert
Sujata Arecanteparamb

Sujata Arecanteparamb, M.D. and founder of GraceUSMLE, is a 250+ USMLE scorer with more than 10 years experience as a Clinician and Medical Tutor. She has taught hundreds of students as a part of GraceUSMLE.

Odyssey College Prep - Achievable ACT experts
Odyssey College Prep

Achievable's ACT course content was written by Odyssey College Prep, a leading ACT tutoring firm founded by Marc Gray. Marc has made it his life's mission to make the college admissions process more accessible to students and parents. At Odyssey, Marc has helped hundreds of students increase their ACT score by an average of 4+ points.

Marc is supported by the Odyssey College Prep team, which has decades of combined experience in preparing students for the ACT exam: Tyler Green, lead STEM tutor and Chemical Engineering student at Brigham Young University; Brad Parks, lead English tutor with 10 years of teaching experience and three-time winner of the Outstanding Educator award at his high school; Mary Johnson, lead verbal tutor; and Troy Parks, math and science tutor.

Achievable's founders
Justin Pincar, CTO of Achievable
Justin Pincar, CTO

Starting his career at Google, Justin has spent 10+ years building education technology products. After using adaptive learning apps to help him learn Japanese, he realized similar methods would be a powerful tool to help students prepare for professional exams, and the idea for Achievable was born.

Justin leads Achievable's engineering and product development, and personally reads and responds to feedback messages to ensure we're building the best experience for you :-)

Tyler York, CEO of Achievable
Tyler York, CEO

Leaning on his sales and marketing experience from his time in the video games industry, Tyler helps ensure that studying with Achievable is as fun and engaging as studying can possibly be.

Tyler leads Achievable's sales and marketing efforts, working with our experts to ensure we're developing high-quality and valuable blog and video content. If you have any suggestions on which topics you'd like to see, let us know!