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Why take the SIE?
In order to engage in securities business, you are first required to pass the FINRA Securities Securities Industry Essentials (SIE or Essentials) Exam.

Applying to financial firms with your SIE credentials in hand is the best way to get a hand over the competition. It shows your potential employers that you already grasp the basics of the profession, and that you've taken the initiative to learn about and pass this required test. Not only that, but hiring a pre-qualified applicant also saves them the time and money of training someone without the credentials.

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Mobile first
Unlike ‘dumb’ mobile apps that are just a window to a desktop-based learning experience, we’ve designed Achievable to be a best-in-class mobile experience.
Written for humans
Other SIE prep material is dry and academic. We wrote our SIE course to be easy to read, using casual language and straightforward examples.
Powered by learning science
Our algorithm optimizes your study schedule to help you remember the old content while learning the new. We take the hassle out of the when and why.
Built for speed
Our course routinely takes students less time to complete than other FINRA courses, while achieving better results. That’s the power of Achievable.
Success spotlight
Achievable actually made the exam material palatable and even fun to learn. With the learning science behind the study system, it was almost scary how well I could recall formulas and regulations. The interface and flashcard-style kept it easy and fun to get more studying done any chance I had free time, especially watching the test-readiness climb. The mobility of it was huge to utilize every minute of time I had to learn and review, whether I was on a train, waiting in line, or on a break at work.
Achievable success spotlight - Joseph Frantz
Joseph Frantz
Branch Operations Manager
LPL Financial
The best way to prepare
Complete Content
Ditch the textbook. Achievable is a complete learning solution to study for the FINRA SIE backed by award-winning content experts.
Personalized Learning
Our algorithms adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, creating an individual review schedule for optimal results.
Flexible Studying
Bite-sized content means you can study any time, from a quick break at work to a quiet moment on your commute. We support all modern browsers and devices.
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Knowledge web
Intelligent flashcards
Our study experience utilizes carefully created flashcards, which we individually track and map to the key concepts in the syllabus provided by FINRA for the SIE. We ensure that you're fully prepared for all topics that the exam covers.
Formative assessments
As you learn, you're continually quizzed on both new and review material. This makes you much more likely to remember the information for the exam, and keeps you motivated as you see your performance improve.
Knowledge guy
Tracking & analytics
Our system gives complete visibility into what you know and what needs more work. We pick up on cues from your study habits and adjust your study schedule for the best results.
Research-based learning science
Use of repeated testing metholodogy while learning led to a 45% improvement in test scores over a non-testing study-only approach.
Karpicke & Roediger (2003)
Use of distributed practice methodology led to approximately 46% better recall than traditional study methods for the same material.
Modigliani and Hedges (1987)
Learn from the best
Our content was written exclusively for Achievable by acclaimed FINRA instructor Brandon Rith. With 15 years of finance-related experience and 10 years of licensing expertise, Brandon has helped over 2,000 learners successfully pass FINRA/NASAA exams while working for Fidelity Investments, where his programs posted pass rates that always exceeded company goals.
Brandon Rith - Achievable SIE expert
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