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Achievable GRE includes everything you need for only $199
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Endless quantitative quizzes
Practice with an endless amount of GRE quantitative exam questions. Unlike other GRE exam prep courses, we don't have a fixed-size bank of GRE practice questions. Our system generates millions of unique quizzes with randomized text and variables from over 120+ GRE quantitative question templates, ensuring you're learning the core concepts instead of simply recalling answers. After answering a question, you can review a step-by-step walkthrough of the math and logic involved.
Advanced personalization
Achievable uses adaptive learning techniques to create and update a personalized model of your memory, individually tracking your retention and mastery of each GRE learning objective. Our learning engine monitors your study progress and continually adjusts your GRE exam questions to ensure you're focusing on the topics that matter most for you, improving study effectiveness while reducing overall study time.
Verbal reasoning
With 200+ high-quality hand-crafted GRE verbal reasoning questions, you'll be able to take 10+ full-length practice verbal reasoning exams. Our GRE verbal practice questions include all the types of questions you'll see on the exam: reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence.
Vocabulary building
Instead of focusing on individual word definitions, Achievable takes a unique approach to GRE vocabulary by grouping our 1,500+ GRE vocab words into clusters with similar meanings. Similar to how vocab is tested on the exam itself, you're quizzed by distinguishing different sets of words, building up your vocab base in a fraction of the time.
Instant essay grading
Our proprietary GRE essay grading system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantly score your GRE analytical writing essays, similar to the scoring mechanisms used by the ETS. Practice your writing with our 10 GRE essay prompts: 5 for the GRE issue essay and 5 for the GRE argument essay.
Easy-to-read online textbook
Learn how to answer GRE questions in less time using proven strategies from our expert author with 15+ years of experience. Achievable's GRE materials are easy to read, mobile friendly, and include detailed walkthroughs of sample questions. Each of the GRE sections are covered in detail in our online GRE prep course.
Modern platform
Whether you're studying on the web or a smartphone, Achievable's GRE exam prep platform UX is clean and responsive. Progress charts highlight your journey through the GRE prep course content and your current strength in each section.
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After over a year of trying to complete GRE video-based prep programs and not getting very far, I stumbled across Achievable. The textbook's organization paired with spaced practice questions are both ingenious as well as so intuitive that it is hard to believe that other programs don't organize their material in this way. In addition to the actual test content, the textbook helps train you to have a better mindset so anxiety doesn't get in the way. I've previously struggled with test anxiety and was able to easily overcome it because of the efficiency strategies in the textbook and the mindset conversations covered in the podcast. I think this program is one of a kind and the proof is in my test results. I am super grateful for the Achievable GRE program. Thank you!
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Laura Kelly
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GRE or GMAT - Which should I take?

While you might consider us biased (we do offer GRE prep, after all...), we feel there are three solid reasons to consider taking the GRE over the GMAT.

1. The GRE gives you more flexibility

The GRE is a general graduate exam accepted by programs of all kinds, while the GMAT is only accepted by business schools.

2. The GRE is easier

The GMAT requires more logical reasoning than the GRE, which adds another layer of complication beyond just knowing the relevant quantitative and verbal material.

3. The GRE is less competitive

For the prestigious business schools listed below, the median accepted GRE scores were on average 9 percentile points lower than median GMAT scores.

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
96th GMAT; 85th GRE
Stanford University, GSB
96th GMAT; 91th GRE
Harvard University, HBS
96th GMAT; 88th GRE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan
96th GMAT; 88th GRE
University of Chicago, Booth
96th GMAT; 88th GRE
Columbia University, CBS
96th GMAT; 85th GRE
Northwestern University, Kellogg
96th GMAT; 85th GRE
University of California - Berkeley, Haas
96th GMAT; 84th GRE
Yale University, SOM
94th GMAT; 91th GRE
Duke University, Fuqua
89th GMAT; 78th GRE
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Ross
94th GMAT; 85th GRE
Darthmouth University, Tuck
94th GMAT; 85th GRE
New York University, Stern
94th GMAT; 85th GRE
University of Virginia, Darden
92th GMAT; 81th GRE
Cornell University, Johnson
89th GMAT; 80th GRE
94th GMAT; 85th GRE
What's a good GRE score?

Getting into a business school or graduate program that requires a GRE score is incredibly competitive. The top 10 business schools have an average acceptance rate of just 10.9%, and top-tier graduate programs have similar standards. Achieving a top-percentile Verbal and Quantitative score can make the difference between a summary rejection and an invitation to interview; our course teaches you the GRE tips to reach that score. Source for data below:

How long is the GRE?

The GRE is roughly four hours long (including breaks), and is divided into seven sections. The first two sections are always essay prompts, while the next five sections are 20-question verbal and quantitative problem sets. The first section after the essays will be randomly determined, and the sections will alternate thereafter. This means that there will be three of whichever section is randomly selected, and one of these three sections will be the unscored research section.

Students receive a 10-minute break after the fourth section, and 1-minute breaks between all the others.

Learn from the best
Our content was written exclusively for Achievable by StellarGRE's founder, Orion Taraban, Psy.D. Orion is one of San Francisco's top GRE instructors, with over fifteen years of teaching experience and a perfect score on the GRE. He was previously a professor of mathematics at the City University of New York, and was the master teacher for the GRE quantitative section at Barron's Test Prep.

Orion offers private tutoring and group classes via teleconferencing platform, and interested students can inquire through his website. He is a licensed psychologist in private practice, and lives in San Francisco.
Orion Taraban - Achievable GRE expert
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