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How to get your Series 63

Financial professionals typically take the Series 63 as their final exam after completing their SIE Exam and Series 6, 7, or 79 license. However, you can take the Series 63 as your first FINRA exam. Unlike most FINRA exams, you do not need a sponsor to take the Series 63.

What's covered on the Series 63?

The Series 63 is known as the "state law test", and covers two main areas: State Securities Acts and the related rules and regulations, and ethical practices and fiduciary obligations. You'll learn about the Uniform Securities Act (the "USA") and how this framework of laws and regulations was created for and adopted by the fifty states in the United States. And you'll learn about how the USA-related laws are enforced across the country.

Test questions
Regulation of Investment Advisers
3 (5%)
Regulation of IARs
3 (5%)
Regulation of Broker-dealers
9 (15%)
Regulation of Agent
9 (15%)
Regulation of Securities and Issuers
3 (5%)
Regulation of Administrative Provisions
6 (10%)
12 (20%)
Ethical Practices and Obligations
15 (20%)
Series 63 practice exams

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