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How to get your Series 7

The first step to getting a Series 7 license is to pass the FINRA SIE Exam - or to have been grandfathered in by holding a FINRA representative-level registration on October 1, 2018. See our Achievable SIE program for more info.

The second step to getting your Series 7 license is to be sponsored by a FINRA-registered firm or a self-regulatory organization (SRO), typically your employer. After that, all you need to do is study and pass the test.

What is the Series 7 pass rate?

While the national Series 7 pass rate is not published by FINRA, it is widely accepted in the industry to be approximately 65%. Large corporations with dedicated programs typically have a higher pass rate of 75% - 80%, depending on the program.

The FINRA Series 7 Top-Off is harder than the old, pre-FINRA SIE Series 7 Exam. In the words of one of our corporate clients, it is as if they split all of the easy questions into the SIE and the more difficult questions into the Series 7 Top-Off. The good news is that the new Series 7 Top-Off is shorter, clocking in at 125 questions in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Series 7 practice exams

Create a free account on Achievable and we'll give you access to a free Series 7 practice exam. After you decide to upgrade to our full course, you'll get unlimited access to our extensive question banks and unlimited practice exams.

Our practice exams are carefully constructed to match what you'll see on the actual Series 7, based on over a decade of training experience. Furthermore, our math-based questions are templatized so that you see different numbers each time, ensuring that you’re learning the underlying concept and not just the right answer.

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Achievable actually made the exam material palatable and even fun to learn. With the learning science behind the study system, it was almost scary how well I could recall formulas and regulations. The interface and flashcard-style kept it easy and fun to get more studying done any chance I had free time, especially watching the test-readiness climb. The mobility of it was huge to utilize every minute of time I had to learn and review, whether I was on a train, waiting in line, or on a break at work.
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Joseph Frantz
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Our content was written exclusively for Achievable by Basic Wisdom's acclaimed FINRA instructor Brandon Rith. With 15 years of finance-related experience and 10 years of licensing expertise, Brandon has helped thousands of learners successfully pass FINRA/NASAA exams while working for Fidelity Investments, where his programs posted pass rates that always exceeded company goals.
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