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Series 63 practice exam

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Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (FINRA Series 63)
The Series 63 exam - the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination - assesses one's knowledge of the state laws associated with securities and registered representative activities. The Uniform Securities Act (or "USA") is a model legislation adopted by states, meaning it's a framework of laws and regulations that states can adopt and implement to properly regulate the securities industry. Nearly all states require individuals to pass state-based exams like the Series 63 as a condition of registration.
1 hour 15 minutes
65 questions
Passing score
72% (44/60)
Exam fee
Solve each of the Series 63 practice questions below to get a feel for what to expect on the actual Series 63 exam. Achievable's free Series 63 exam questions are scored instantly, providing the correct answer along with an easy to understand explanation.
Question 1

An investment adviser representative can be best described by which of the following definitions?
Any person engaged in the business of effecting transactions in securities for the account of others or for his own account
Any individual who represents a financial firm in offering securities advice
Any individual who represents a financial firm in effecting or attempting to effect purchases or sales of securities
Any person who, for compensation, engages in the business of advising others on securities
Question 2

An IAR maintains their only office in Vermont, and only maintains five clients in their book of business. All her clients are incredibly wealthy, and the IAR collects a sizeable amount in asset management fees from the client base. Two of her clients are moving south to Massachusetts, a state where the IAR does not currently maintain registration. Regardless, the IAR plans to continue providing their services to these clients, although they will not be relocating or opening an additional office in the state. In order to do so, USA and NASAA rules would require which of the following?

I. The IAR must be registered in Vermont
II. The employing investment adviser must be registered in Vermont
III. The IAR must be registered in Massachusetts
IV. The employing investment adviser must be registered in Massachusetts
II and IV
All of these choices
I and II
None of these choices
Question 3

According to the Uniform Securities Act, an offer of securities is occurring in which of the following scenarios?
An investor pledges a security to a bank in return for a loan
An investor receives rights on a stock owned in their portfolio
An investor gifts a non-assessable security to a family member
An investor receives new company stock through a corporate spinoff
Question 4

An exclusion from classification as an agent would be granted to which of the following?
Engaging very few wealthy retail investors located in a state where an office exists
An employee dedicated to benefit plans offers a security to other employees in return for a below average commission
Administrative assistant provides a quote on a security while no registered agents are available
A person performing clerical duties makes an offer of a very safe government security
Question 5

A radio broadcast is produced in, broadcast from, and is received in Mississippi. The popular broadcast is also received in 35 different states. During the hour long broadcast, an offer of securities is made at the end in the last minute of the program. According to provisions of the Uniform Securities Act, which of the following statements is true in relation to jurisdiction over the offer made?
No state administrator is granted jurisdiction because more than 2/3 was broadcast outside of the originating state
Only the state administrator of Mississippi is granted jurisdiction
No state administrator is granted jurisdiction because the offer was an incidental part of the broadcast program
The state administrators in all states the broadcast was received in are granted jurisdiction
Question 6

A person's application for registration in a state could be denied for which of the following reasons?

I. An incomplete application was submitted
II. The applicant's registration is currently suspended in another state
III. The applicant reported a securities-related misdemeanor conviction 17 years ago
IV. The appropriate filing fee has not been paid
II, III, and IV
I only
II only
I, II, and IV
Question 7

A broker-dealer performs securities business activities in multiple states. They currently maintain their principal place of business in Hawaii while maintaining a small office in Massachusetts. The firm only offers its services to insurance companies in Hawaii and Virginia. In Massachusetts, the firm maintains 4 retail investors and 5 institutional investors. In Oregon, the firm maintains 3 retail investors and 14 institutional investors. In which of the following state(s) must the firm be registered?
Hawaii and Oregon
Hawaii only
Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Virginia
Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Oregon
Question 8

Eden is an unregistered secretary at QRS Security Executions, a registered broker-dealer in all 50 states. The firm maintains a small office, and a number of agents call out sick. In order to assist the firm, Eden begins answering phone calls. During the course of one of their calls, a client requests for a simple trade. Without collecting commission, Eden places the trade. What statement is true?
Eden could accept the order, but only if the security was exempt
As long as Eden applies for retroactive registration, this is a permitted action
Although generally prohibited, the order could be accepted due to the office situation
This is strictly a prohibited action
Question 9

A customer of a broker-dealer meets with their assigned agent to discuss their portfolio. During the course of the conversation, the agent discovers the client holds stock certificates at home. They encourage the customer to bring the stock certificates to the broker-dealer to ensure they're maintained safely. A few days later, the agent receives the stock certificates by registered mail. They subsequently take note of receiving the certificates and place them in a fire-proof safe in the agent's office. What statement is true?
The agent acted ethically by placing the certificates in safekeeping
The agent acted ethically if their principal supervisor was notified of the location of the certificates
The agent acted unethically by taking custody of the certificates
The agent acted unethically by not recommending the client insure the certificates when mailed
Question 10

A client is assessed a significant commission during a transaction placed with their broker-dealer. A few months later, the state administrator investigates the broker-dealer's records. Which of the following circumstances related to the large commission would NOT trigger punitive action against the firm?
The security was thinly traded and difficult to locate
The firm's net capital was at risk of declining below minimum levels
The firm properly disclosed the significant commission prior to the transaction
The security was subject to significant levels of market risk
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FINRA's Series 63 exam summary
Seeks Business for the Broker-Dealer from Customers and Potential Customers
9 questions, 7%
The basics of customer-facing sales activities related to a general securities representative role. What you need to know and do when describing investment products and services to customers with the intent of obtaining their business.
Regulation of Investment Advisers
3 questions, 5%
The definition and regulation of an Investment Adviser, including state-registered and federal covered advisers. Contains topics including activities requiring registration.
Regulation of IARs
3 questions, 5%
The definition and regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs). Contains topics including activities requiring IAR registration.
Regulation of Broker-Dealers
9 questions, 15%
The definition and regulation of Broker-Dealers. Contains topics including registration and post-registration requirements, bookkeeping requirements, and Broker-Dealer Agent supervision.
Regulation of Agents
9 questions, 15%
The definition and regulation of Agents of Broker-Dealers. Contains topics including registration and post-registration requirements and bookkeeping requirements.
Regulation of Securities and Issuers
3 questions, 5%
The definition and regulation of Securities and Issuers. Contains topics such as state registration and post-registration requirements, exemptions, and state anti fraud authority.
Regulation of Administrative Provisions
6 questions, 10%
The authority of state securities administrators, types of administrative actions, and other penalties and liabilities.
Communications with Customers and Prospects
12 questions, 20%
Required disclosures, what happens if you unlawfully represent your registration, and rules around performance guarantees. Also covers customer agreements requirements for activities such as new accounts, margin trading, options trading.
Ethical Practices and Obligations
15 questions, 25%
Ethical practices and obligations related to compensation, customer funds and securities, conflicts of interest, criminal activities, cyber security, data protection, and other ethical issues.
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