Photo of Alfred L. Ray, Ph.D.

How Dr. Alfred Ray advanced his career with Achievable SIE

A short interview with Dr. Ray about his career, before and after passing the SIE.

As a part of our series highlighting Achievable users and their backgrounds, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alfred L. Ray, Ph.D.

What was your background prior to taking the SIE?

30-year professional educator, 25 years in administrative leadership, 8 years as superintendent of schools.

What's your current role/focus now that you've passed the exam?

I am a municipal finance representative for Stephens Inc., focused on bond underwriting; I used Achievable to pass the SIE (on the first try), and then subsequently passed FINRA’s Series 52- Top-off and Series 63 to become registered.

What are your career or life goals?

To be a successful underwriter by developing a strong cadre of public school clients, allow myself and my wife greater financial freedom, support the education of our grandchildren, and support the efforts of the public school district clients.

What do you consider to be your greatest personal or professional achievement?

Raising our children successfully and maintaining our family closeness to now 9 grandchildren.

Any tips for future SIE takers?

YES. I used the Achievable program to help me pass the SIE before I obtained a job in finance. That allowed me a more effective timeline to complete the other requirements after being hired. The emphasized summary words and phrases at the end of each section made for easy decision-making on what to highlight.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

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