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Colleges with the highest SAT scores in Wyoming

Top 1 college in Wyoming with the highest SAT scores
Looking for the colleges with the highest SAT scores in Wyoming? Well you're in luck! We've compiled a national college database and have created a list of the top 1 university with the highest SAT scores in Wyoming. These are the schools whose applicants had the highest average SAT scores in Wyoming. And, since these tests are meant to determine academic prowess, they are arguably the schools with the most academically proficient students. You could even say these are the best colleges in Wyoming. We also include each college's ACT scores and acceptance rate so that you can see where you would have the easiest or hardest time getting in. Read on to find out more.

University of Wyoming SAT scores

The average SAT score for University of Wyoming is 1160.
University of Wyoming

The average SAT score of 1160 breaks down into:

  • SAT math: 580
  • SAT reading/writing: 580

The average ACT score for University of Wyoming is 25 and their acceptance rate is 95.1%.


Getting into any college is an accomplishment, but these schools are arguably some of the most competitive to get into in Wyoming. You will want to be above the average SAT or ACT score, and have a strong GPA with good extracurriculars in order to apply for these programs. Be sure to talk to your counselor about whether these schools are right for you before doing the work to apply.